Children's Neuropsychological Services

Insurance Coverage/Billing

CNS staff accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Tricare insurance plans.

Insurance billing questions can be directed to the healthcare practice and accounting management consultants at HMS-Midwest LLC.  HMS-Midwest LLC verifies benefits, precertifies, and bills all CNS patients. HMS-Midwest LLC can be found online at or reached at 219-926-8320.

Financial Policy

Your monthly insurance statement consists of two parts: 1) Patient Account, and 2) Insurance Account. When an insurance provider is held accountable for services provided, you are only held liable for what is considered the patient’s share. However, when your insurance provider delays or withholds payment, for 90 days or longer after your bill is submitted, both the insurance and patient’s portion become your responsibility. When your insurance provider pays its portion and leaves you accountable for the remaining patient’s share, you must submit payment within 90 days from receipt of our billing statement. Accounts that are not paid (e.g., credit card declines) within 90 days of receipt of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) are sent to collections.

Patients are responsible for paying any service not covered by their insurance company before the start of a case. Patients who are treated by staff that are Out of Network (OON) providers are required to pay for their case in full before services commence and are typically reimbursed directly by their insurance company.

Please remember that we directly bill each of our patient’s insurance as a courtesy to patients, and make our very best effort to work with each patient and their provider to reconcile any payment disputes. However, there is a limit to the services we can provide due to the high administrative and billing service costs involved. We strongly suggest you monitor your account carefully.



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